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Eat your greens.


Eat your greens.

I Want to Feel Better

Directed and filmed by Parissah Lin
Scored by Dyani Douze (vimeo.com/dwaanz)
Voiceover written and performed by Moira Barrett 
for the Gallatin Arts Festival at New York University in spring of 2013.

This film was an experimental piece dealing with the body, fragmentation of thought, image and cross sensory perception. I Want to Feel Better is a synaesthetic experiment that explores the effect of de-contextualized stimulus; of surfaces, more specifically the corporeal surface, aural faculty, and the eternal internal dialectic. The effect of these three different perceptual inputs from three different artistic cognitions (of Parissah Lin, Dyani Douze, Moira Barrett), deconstructed and re-imagined in collaboration is to create a new context for this multi-sensory collage.

Changing Colors.
Ian and the colors changing in Sherrill, NY

Changing Colors.

Ian and the colors changing in Sherrill, NY

Innter Light and Whatnot.

Zach, Brendan and Gus being boyz with fire. 

Washington DC

January 2013

Bushwick Bitchz.

Dwaanz and Valentine 

Winter 2013

#Dwaanz   #Valentine   #bathroom   #smoke   #Weed   #high   #Bud   #drugs   #Braids   #Photography   #portrait  


Mia and Tupac the Hamster

#Bathroom   #High   #Smoke   #Weed   #Drugs   #Bud   #Marijuana   #Photoshop   #Collage   #Portrait   #Photography   #Mia   #Tupac   #Hamster   #Rodent   #Pet  

Space Cadet.

My Face at the Armory Show in Chelsea

March 2013

S’nowt even Real.

Moira, Dwaanz, and Valentine doing surreal sledding in Central Park 

Feb 2013

Does the Power Compel You?

Mia and I at the Armory Show in New York City

March 2013

Sheepish Inquisition.

Katherine at the Hirshorn in January.

Snow Angels.

Valentine, Moira, and Dwaanz getting hazy in Central Park in February during the one snow day.

Welcome to the Inner Circle.

Helen, Brendan, Zach and Ames roasting.

Washington DC 2013

#Helen   #Shmelons   #Slings and Arrows   #Zach   #Ames   #Winter   #Fire   #Sauna   #Hell   #2013   #Photography   #night   #Steam  

Just One Step

Caleb and his Polaroid

Misty Misses.

Jandra, Katie, Moira, and Kyla playing on the abandoned playground of my childhood in Washington DC in January 2013. 

Hit n Quit.

Ian outside of the Brooklyn Botanical Garden Feb 2013